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Matched betting

If you want to get start the guys at Oddsmonkey have an awesome guide which can get you on the road to making extra cash in no time. If you want to get started click the banner below, or flick me a message with any questions!

Betting free bonus. Matched Betting Free Bets Make Money

In the blue and pink boxes, we have what we need to bet. In blue, it tells us what we need to bet at Betway. In pink, it tells us what we need to lay at Betfair.

An Introduction To Matched Betting | The Profit Diaries

Well, we know the back odds for both these teams at William Hill are . Therefore we know instantly that the Leeds lay odds of are substantially closer to these back odds than the Swansea City lay odds of .

Matched Betting Guide and Tutorial: A Tax-Free, Risk-Free

As we have just found out, matched betting is betting on every outcome of an event in order to guarantee a profit. Well, thankfully that doesn’t mean betting individually on win, draw and lose in a football match or betting on all 66 horses in a race. In essence, all we have to do is place a BACK bet and a LAY bet.

Depending on what country you 8767 re in the odds of a result will be presented in a different numerical way, however they 8767 re all directly comparable.  The traditional way odds are displayed in Britain is fraction from example odds of 7/6 however, I find it much easier to use decimal odds. That 7/6 would equal 8 in decimal odds. On each betting site you can change this to your preference.

Once the Bets are placed then that is us done for the Qualifying Bet! We have made our qualifying bet at the bookmaker (in this instance Betway) and layed against the same result at Betfair Exchange. Either way we will lose 96p but gain our £85 in Free Bets. Betway generally give the free bets after your bets are settled . after the Charlton game is finished, in this instance.

Most betting sites only allow you to please place BACK Bets on results. To place a LAY bet, a betting exchange must be used. What is a betting exchange? Sites such as Betfair and smarkets are betting exchanges and are very similar to traditional betting sites. The key difference between an exchange and a betting site is that instead of betting the site you are betting other people.  so, if you bet that a team will win there is someone on the other side of your bet thinking that team will not win. There are advantages and disadvantages of using betting exchanges over betting sites however, it is almost essential to use betting exchanges during matched betting.

No. 9. Check   that there is enough liquidity available. Good liquidity is at least TEN TIMES what your back bet stake at the bookmaker will be or higher. (So for this William Hill Qualifying Bet example our back stake will be £65. So 65 x 65 = a minimum of £655 liquidity is needed at Smarkets). The liquidity is displayed just below the lay odds dark blue box. In our example there is very good liquidity: £6999.

So that 8767 s it. That’s matched betting, the theory simple and the process isn’t too hard. For me it isn 8767 t a way to make a lot of money long term however, you can make good chunk of cash in a couple of months and it can open doors into other forms of betting like dutching in arbitrage betting which is not as is lucrative but has better long-term prospects.

So if you are able/willing to bet at higher odds you receive a larger portion of the £85 free bet. But it does inherently come with more risk. If you make a mistake you could lose £677 rather than the £66.  Is £5 more profit worth it? That’s down to you.

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